Raidlight Responsiv Ultra Shoes M

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Comfort is a key word when it comes to Ultra footwear. We developed a wide rounded forefoot allowing the foot to work unrestricted. An external heel cradle to support your foot as the fatigue sets in. Highly breathable, quick drying and durable fabrics keep the foot protected and an anatomically shaped tongue and cut away heel reduce pressure on nerves and tendons. All in this has the comfort of a slipper but the performance of a race car.
Underfoot the comfort word still reigns. The midsole is a full injection moulded system, giving long term durability and performance with exceptional rebound quality. Perfect for long days or multi-day trail. Shape is also important and the rolling sole profile allows a natural transition from heel, midfoot or forefoot strike. To keep the weight as low as possible we removed rubber from where it is not needed, you still get 4mm tread depth over the key grip areas, but the sole unit is 50% lighter than a normal sole.
Allowing you to balance lacing pressure over the top of the foot we developed the M-Lock band, this will allow you to have laces under less tension but still maintain foot hold on non technical terrain.

Key Features

  • Insole: Sensor 3 insole
  • Fit: RL Relax Last: Comfort, rounded toe box; M-Lock Band: Maintains hold and foot support. ; Reinforced toe cap protects your feet from rough ground. ; Achilles notch: cut away rear of shoe to avoid pressure.
  • Laces: Standard Lacing
  • Heel height: External Heel Support: Increased comfort and stability for when fatigue sets in. ; Heel Cut: Rolling sole profile allowing a smooth stride while descending or heel striking
  • Sole properties: Full injection moulded EVA midsole for durable cushion and rebound. ; Sensor Ultra sole, 4mm tread
  • Drop: 6mm
  • Other features: Heel: 25mm. ; Forefoot 19mm
  • Additional functions: Lace Rope Joint: gaiter attachment point on top of foot